Always remember who we are, any time, anywhere

“You may think your life is too long. But when you come to the end you may think it too short. You may wonder how you lived without being truly able to savor the memories. Now at the end you hardly have time to go back. To do that would take another lifetime. And you have only this one. Given the way you remember your life, would you say it was worth it? Would you have gained a pretty good idea of why you happened to wind up here? Could you identify the memories in the stories that tell the saga of you? Could it be that one of the main reasons we are on this earth is to remember who we are? The song that sings in our blood, the song of our sacred ancestors, transcends the boundaries of a lifetime. Memories make a mockery of such ephemeral borders as future, present, and past. We Who Have Gone Before always remember who we are, any time, anywhere.” ~ Stephen Foster