Inspiring Blog Award

I am humbled by my second nomination today for the “Inspiring Blog Award” from Mimi, who has a wonderful blog at http://www.waitingforthekarmatruck.comĀ  It is a must reading full of wit and wisdom about our daily ups and downs in life. At times they make you laugh out loud and other times they bring tears. There are many who I want to pass this on to and will over the next few days. Again, thanks!

Only the best . . .

“Spend all your time with negative people and you will become like them. Why? Because you’ll pick up their habits, behaviors, energy and their attitudes. Make it goal this year to align yourself with positive people that encourage you, that inspire you, that bring out ONLY the BEST in you. Be with people that can contribute to your growth and not your death in life and you’ll be Happy.” ~ Robert Tew