We are willing to see

“Suddenly, we are willing to see and to serve. …..we know the grace of being able to look at another’s suffering and say, “I see your hurt. I see the tragic battering of your spirit. I understand your need and I’m here to feel it with you, to show you that you are no longer alone.”

This is the bath of empathic compassion that arises from the level of our own soul and washes over the ailing personality, wiping its tears, washing its feet, cleansing its wounds. With such an elegant embracing of another, we can truly feel with them.

We do this on the spiritual level. In a moment of grace, we open the frame of the context and start asking the larger questions: How can I love in this situation? What must I understand about this other person in order to gather him into a healing embrace of emotion? How can I quietly, gracefully join with him in his suffering?”

~ Daphne Rose Kingma