“Is it possible
to drown in one’s own tears?
Watching the news
reading the news
seeing the torture
and torment
across the globe,
reading, hearing, watching
the inhumane treatment
of our fellow man
and then listening
to the comments
that speak as if
those particular breed
of humanity
deserve the ill,
inhumane treatment?!
I am lost
in this huge and violent sea
and I now understand
why the sea is filled
with salt water–
it’s from all the tears shed
over the years
of man’s inhumanity to man.
I have answered
my own question–
it is indeed possible
to drown
in one’s own tears…”

~ Pamela Rae



2 thoughts on “Inhumanity

  1. This is a wonderful expression of the anguish and pain that so many of us feel, even when we are geographically remote from the events around us.
    Those of us who care, must find a way to nourish and support ourselves, without diminishing the recognition of heart wrenching events that are going on around the world.
    I am grateful to have the option of turning off the t.v….

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