“You don’t ask what a dance means, you enjoy it. You don’t ask what the world means, you enjoy it. You don’t ask what you mean, you enjoy yourself; or at least, so you do when you are up to snuff.

But to enjoy the world requires something more than mere good health and good spirits; for this world, as we all now surely know, is horrendous. ‘All life,’ said the Buddha, ‘is sorrowful’; and so, indeed, it is. Life consuming life: that is the essence of its being, which is forever a becoming. ‘The world,’ said the Buddha, ‘is an ever-burning fire.’ And so it is. And that is what one has to affirm, with a yea! a dance! a knowing, solemn, stately dance of the mystic bliss beyond pain that is at the heart of every mythic rite.”

~ Joseph Campbell, Myths to Live By



One thought on “Affirm

  1. This is a world of duality. Thus, perhaps some find it horrendous, and others find it delightful and miraculous or anywhere in between. I think most of us recognize both/either extremes in many circumstances, depending on our perspective. I guess what I’m understanding at this time of life is not to label a thing good or bad but rather to observe and witness. To try and not be swayed by emotions, as they come and go like the tides. Thanks as always for your insightful shares.

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