Somewhere special

“You don’t have to go somewhere special to be somewhere special. Wherever you happen to be has a unique and valuable beauty all its own.
You don’t have to do anything special to experience how truly great and special life is. Even in the ordinary things there is always extraordinary richness to be found.
Just the sensation of the warm sun on your skin is amazing. And that’s something you can feel anywhere on the face of the Earth.
There’s no need to wait until some special moment to experience life in all its glory. The fact is, you can make any moment special just by giving your love and authenticity to it.
Look around you, wherever you are, and you’ll see plenty of opportunities for fulfillment. What makes life special is your choice to live it fully.
Allow yourself to feel the wonder, to drink in the beauty and to experience the special time and place where you are. Life is always special, so live it accordingly.”

~ Ralph Marston

Tropical Paradise Wide Desktop Background

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