Happy New Year

“By landslide vote
we drive the old year out,
unanimously pass
motions of no confidence.

It had been granted an entire year
to fulfil its promise, only to renege
on its mandate, plague the world
sadistically with tribulation.

The new year’s manifesto
is progressive, forward looking.
Now we may turn a fresh leaf,
happy that winter’s recession
will give way to steady growth,
longer, balmier, user-friendly days.

We take to the streets:
rabid supporters of the New Year
party, cheering its inauguration,
determined to renew its mandate
annually from now on.

Let the midnight countdown begin.
High time the bells chimed
with our boisterous rejoicing,
lent ringing endorsement
to our future prospects,
while last year’s absolute ruler
is banished: Disgraced.
Outdated. Past it. History.”

– Dennis O’Driscoll’s Update: Poems 2011–2

new year

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