In one hour

“In just one hour from now, your world can be an entirely different place than it is this moment. You can make it a better place as a result of what you do with this time that you now have.

One hour from now, you can be well on your way toward your most treasured dream. One hour from now, you can experience the exhilarating freedom of moving surely and steadily beyond your most difficult challenge.

In just one hour from now, you can be looking back with satisfaction at how much you’ve been able to accomplish. In just one hour’s time, your whole attitude can be a thousand times more positive and productive than it is even now.

Yes, you could spend the next hour wandering aimlessly through a fog of anger, despair or frustration, and if you wish you’ll find plenty of excuses for doing so. Or you can really and truly live the next hour with energy and vitality, looking positively forward with the very best you have to give.

The next hour is absolutely critical, for it is the one over which you now have control. You have every reason, every resource and every ability to make it the very best you’ve ever lived.”

~ Ralph Marston



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