Your compass

“Your compass is omnipotent. So you know to follow it and it will lead you on the most blessed divine journey, And that’s all you need. As you open your heart, as you activate that compass, it will point you straight towards your joy. And that isn’t always what people think it may be because for example, it may lead you straight to a wound to be released. A wound coming out can be painful. If a situation happened in your life that was too intense maybe an abuse of some kind that was too much to deal with, too much for your heart, you take that and you repress it down and you block it. As you awaken those things, those wounds come up to be released.

Because you are freedom. They are not naturally what you are. And as they pass out of you, you feel them. You feel them with your being now, but the energy you stuck in that box at that time comes out. And it doesn’t need too be difficult. And that’s the beautiful thing. So it may be a pain that comes out of you, a painful experience, but if you become aware of your own process to the point where you know, “oh this is an old wound coming up”, so you don’t start panicking about it thinking you’re going backwards or there’s something going wrong because a negative feeling’s coming up.

If you can realize in the moment, ”oh I’m in the release of a wound”, that’s actually joyful. Because you know you’re releasing a part of your past, baggage, a brick. Because your joy lies beyond that. Your heart. That compass. That is your joy. Follow that and you will be in joy. You will find your passion. You don’t need to work it out. It’s not a secret hidden away.” ~

Follow your heart it will take you straight to your passion, your purpose, your joy – your fulfillment.”

~ Story Waters


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