The existence of a soul

“The existence of a soul that survives the death of the physical body is a tenet of most religious teachings, and it is likely that a majority of human beings believes in a soul, in one form or another. Modern science, however, despite its impressive accomplishments in elucidating the workings of the world, has not shown that the soul exists; many scientists would probably say that the weight of scientific evidence is against its existence. This is one of the major factors that maintain the divide between science and religion. For some, either science or religion is simply not true. For others, such as some scientists who hold religious beliefs, both are true, but refer to completely separate realms of truth about the world. But this is an illogical dichotomy, and to hold it implies a serious limitation of human reason. Another option, accepting that there is one world and that all truths about it must be related, is to say that science simply has not achieved the development and subtlety necessary to encompass spiritual questions, such as the existence of God or of the soul.” ~  Christian Wertenbaker, The Materiality of the Soulld: A provocative new theory on the nature of the soul


3 thoughts on “The existence of a soul

  1. I apologize that I missed this post in January (two surgeries have put me way behind but I’m trying to catch up now.) I really enjoyed this post written by Christian Wertenbaker at a time when the world seems to be going in a backward direction in regard to faith. It occurs to me that scientist without the desire to know God may not be intended to learn until the desire permeates the heart. I make this comparison in the sense of Jesus’ reply to his apostles that the reason He taught in parables was because many of the questions He received were not asked for understanding but in order to argue.

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