All is transparent

“The key to the hidden lands beyond those veils lies in the letting go of all hope, fear and expectation. The portal opens when one realizes that one no longer needs to seek it and must simply open to that which is already fully present. In that vastness in which nothing is hidden and nothing needs to be revealed, all is transparent, clear, and the doors, in response, open everywhere”. ~ Ian Baker in The Heart of the World

Listen to your life

4 thoughts on “All is transparent

  1. Thank you, I love this quotation. It’s an exact match for my hope that I can be more mindful and more aware of my world in 2014. Happy New Year, Bill

  2. Just “open to that which is fully present” is quite a challenge; it reminds me of a scripture from the Old Testament regarding Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch who, when asked if he understood replied “How can I unless someone teach me?”

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