Loss of friend

Today, I learned of a colleague’s death. Actually John was a friend to many, a mentor to others, and always himself to all, regardless of point of view. This came as a shock as I had spoken with him recently and he was full of health and optimism about the future.  In thinking about his passing I think of my own mortality and believe that life has to be lived to its fullest, whether for the next second or the next decade.  I found this poem that seemed to capture John, who was one of the most giving individuals I have ever known.  Take care my friend . . .

See Ya, Love Ya, Bye

“When I heard that you had left us
I was simply blown away
How could that be possible?
We were laughing yesterday.

Your dry wit and your humor
Your ‘grin’ and devilish smile
No one knew what you’d do next
You had one unique style!

Oh how I’d anticipate you
Clocking “in” on second shift
How I waited for your quips
You had a truly special gift.

Always there for everyone
So dependable, sincere
Kind, gentle and caring
Felt good to have you near.

So, my dear departed friend
I’ll think of you each day
Peace and rest and comfort
I hope you’ve found today.

Your last words to me
Will help my tears to dry
You punched my arm and said,
“Hey…see ya, love ya, bye!”

~ Judy Muldowney


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