“She plans to be a writer one day and live in the City of Paris,
Where she will describe the sun as it rises over Buttes-Chaumont.
“Today the dawn began in small pieces, sharp wedges of light
Broke through the clouds.” She plans to write better than this
And is critic enough to know “sharp wedges” sound like cheese.
She plans to live alone in a place that has a terrace
Where she will drink strong coffee at a round white table.
Her terrace will be her cafe and she will be recognized
By the blue-smocked workers of the neighborhood, the concierges,
The locals at the comptoir of the tabac down the block,
And the girl under the green cross of the apothecary shop.
She plans to love her apartment where she will keep
Just one flower in a blue vase. She already loves the word apart-
Ment, whose halves please her when she sees them breaking
The line in her journal. She plans to learn the roots
Of French and English words and will search them out
As if she were hunting skulls in the catacombs.
On her walls she’ll hang a timetable of the great events
Of Western History. She will read the same twenty books
As Chaucer. Every morning she will make up stories….
She looks around her Brighton room, at the walls,
The ceiling, the round knob of the rectangular door.
She listens to the voices of the neighbor’s children.
A toilet flushes, then the tamp of cigarette on steel,
The flint flash of her roommate’s boyfriend’s lighter.
When she leaves she plans to leave alone, and every
Article she will carry, each shoe, will be important.
Like an architect she will plan this life, as once
The fortune in a cookie told her: Picture what you wish
To become, if you wish to become that picture.”

~ Stuart Dischel


Our weaknesses

“Growth begins when we begin to accept our weaknesses.” -Jean Vanier

Weakness isn’t a sign of inferiority; it’s a sign of humanity. No one is without weaknesses, and everyone makes mistakes as they learn where they excel and where they have room to grow. The important thing to remember is that we will keep growing as long as we keep making that choice; and the best part is there’s no limit to how many strengths we can cultivate. Today is you struggle a little, personally, socially, or professionally, know that it isn’t a setback. It’s an opportunity to unlock your greatest potential.


Getting over the past

“I was only able to get over my past when I decided I was going to. As I’ve discovered, that’s how everything starts. I decided to get out of bed this morning. I decided to get ready for work. Everything I did today was because I made a decision. Although we can’t set ourselves free, getting up and making a decision to move on from our past is a step in the right direction.” ~ Corallie Buchanan


Dive in to all the goodness

“Make a splash, diving into every amazing experience with your own unique flair. Remember that the exhilaration of surrender far surpasses the risk of pain. Stretch your mind and body as you contemplate the opportunities ahead, give thanks for the privilege of another day’s adventure and dive in to all the goodness that awaits you.” ~ Soulseeds