Finding our Bliss

One of my favorites. If you haven’t read James Stratford’s blog “Beyond the Call”, check it out . . .

Changing Gears

We’ve all had them, those moments when we’re reminded just why it is that we love what we do. I’ve experienced this frequently recently with my return to teaching over the last few months and most often when I’m with my son. I think it must be what Joseph Campbell meant when he referred to bliss. Follow your bliss was his mantra and I made it mine too.

When we find our bliss we find what we love, we connect with it at a deep level, and through it we experience more of ourselves just as we also let go of any fears or doubts. We might even get that sense of understanding why it is we are here in the first place. It’s this bliss, this love, that transforms what we do, that gives it a value that is at once deeply personal, while also shared by those who…

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