Friday morning music

When my son, Josh was born in 1974, this song was just released.  It has been a constant reminder for me over the last 39 years of how lucky I have been to be able to see him grow up and live his life and now with his own son, Jack, my wonderful grandson.

What a fortunate individual I am for having two wonderful sons that I love totally and completely. Take care, Bill

11 thoughts on “Friday morning music

  1. And how lovely to be able to hum ‘he’d grown up just like me’ and know that it in your case it is a wonderful expression of your mutual love. That song was always a haunting message to me – though arguably I’m a mom. Reminds me of the song by Sondheim “Children Will Listen”..

  2. So poignant. It was good to see his son talking about his dad in such a loving way. I have a grandson named Jack (Jackson), too!

    1. Pam, I think his son’s comments were the most meaningful to me. I also couldn’t get over how much he looked like his dad.

      1. Sorry, but I didn’t finish my first reply which was . . .I also couldn’t get over how much he looked like his dad. Take care.

  3. This song brought tears to my eyes. The days and years pass so quickly, and how precious those days are with our children in their formative years…. and with family at any time.
    thanks for reminder in this song today

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