Taking care of the soul

“Most people work hard to keep the body happy. Then they seek to stimulate their mind. Then… if there is time… they look after their soul. Yet the most beneficial priority has it just the other way around. When was the last time you paid attention to your soul?” ~ Neale Donald Walsch


6 thoughts on “Taking care of the soul

  1. Good reminder.
    A soul is given free-will to exercise this option of staying close to God during earth life time. This divine intervention helps to keep the script short and crisp. When the soul has experienced all the human dimensions and realized its own True Nature, the last chapter of Life Note Book is completed and the Life Note Book is finished.

  2. In my experience failing to feed the soul gives me spiritual indigestion, that un-easy feeling of something not quite right just below the surface….
    and yes, living here on earth means looking after each aspect of the earthly life to feel in balance…thanks for that reminder

  3. I like this…as I think we all tend to forget once in awhile
    Good reminder…Beautiful Image…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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